Dear All,

I am delighted to highlight the fact that Fertility & Reproduction is about to launch into its 3rd year of publication with Volume 3 Issue 1.

A concept that was conceived in April 2018 at ASPIRE meeting in Taipei (ASPIRE 2018), that was to publish our own Journal which had a gestation period of 21 months. During that time, the Board invited me to be the Foundation Editor-in-Chief, which I was delighted and honoured to accept. We then commenced discussions with various publishers, and decided on an on-line journal, free to all members to be published by World Scientific in Singapore.

We are now accepting manuscripts for our upcoming issue, F&R Vol 3 Issue 2. Do submit your manuscripts to us early!

Submission deadline for F&R Vol 3 Issue 2: 11th June 2021

Professor Gab Kovacs
Fertility & Reproduction (The Official Journal of ASPIRE)

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