2nd Regional Meeting [Bangladesh]

The joint ASPIRE-Bangladesh Virtual Regional meeting on Infertility with the theme “A – Z of Infertility: Translating Knowledge into Clinical Practice” was held on Saturday, 2 October 2021 and Sunday, 3 October 2021 at 3pm – 6.30pm BST / (5pm – 8.30pm GMT+8).

This was a virtual meeting where top experts in the Asia Pacific tackled common issues in infertility. The programme was divided into 4 sessions namely: Basics of Infertility, Endocrinology, Endometriosis, and the last session covering different topics that are relevant to Infertility.


*Lecture recordings of these lectures are available on the ASPIRE educational portal.

SATURDAY, 2 OCTOBER 2021 | 3pm – 6.30pm BST (5pm – 8.30pm GMT+8)

Session 1: Basics of Infertility
PCOS Diagnosis and Ovulation Induction* Professor Robert Norman (Australia)
Tubal Assessment – Why It is Important and How?* Professor Maruf Siddiqui (Bangladesh)
What Clinicians Should Know About Male Infertility?* Professor Atsushi Tanaka (Japan)
Live Q&A Discussion Moderated by Dr Nusrat Mahmud (Bangladesh)
Session 2: Endocrinology
Optimizing Endocrine Status for Fertility* Dr Clare Boothroyd (Australia)
Diagnosing and Managing Patients with Poor Ovarian Reserve* Professor Budi Wiweko (Indonesia)
OHSS – Prevention and Management* Dr Virgilio Novero (Philippines)
Live Q&A Discussion Moderated by Dr Nusrat Mahmud (Bangladesh)

SUNDAY, 3 OCTOBER 2021 | 3pm – 6.30pm BST (5pm – 8.30pm GMT+8)

Session 3: Endometriosis
Medical Management of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis Professor Yutaka Osuga (Japan)
How to Protect and Improve Fertility Potential in Endometriosis?* Professor Rashida Begum (Bangladesh)
Surgical Management of Endometriosis* Professor Neil Johnson (New Zealand)
Live Q&A Discussion Moderated by Professor Maruf Siddiqui (Bangladesh)
Session 4: Mixed Bag
Indications and Complications of Endoscopic Surgery in Infertility* Professor Tin-Chiu Li (Hong Kong)
Optimizing IUI Outcome* Dr Nusrat Mahmud (Bangladesh)
Improving Sexual Dysfunction for Fertility* Dr Susan Logan (Singapore)
Live Q&A Discussion Moderated by Professor Maruf Siddiqui (Bangladesh)

1st Regional Meeting [Pakistan]

ASPIRE is proud to have organized and successfully concluded our first regional meeting that was held in Lahore, Pakistan, on 29th November – 1st December 2019. The theme of the meeting was “Reproductive Health in the Changing World”, and it attracted 1,520 participants from around the region. There was a total of 72 and 9 international speakers invited for the meeting. This meeting included keynote lectures, panel discussions, thought provoking debates, round table discussions and free communication sessions for the budding specialists, and hands-on workshops inclusive of live surgery sessions and training in stimulation lab, that were very well received by the participants.

ASPIRE would like to thank everyone for your support that allowed us to organize our first regional meeting successfully. We hoped that our participants and speakers have benefited greatly from the meeting and we are looking forward to organizing another regional meeting in the near future!