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    We would like to extend a warm welcome to ASPIRE members interested in participating in the Endometrium and Implantation Special interest Group (EI-SIG). Our vision is to exchange ideas, stimulate research and promote collaboration between endometrial biologists, implantation experts and clinicians responsible for patient care in the many countries that make up the ASPIRE region.

    Implantation is increasingly the biggest barrier to overcome in many couple’s quest for fertility. It is an exciting and growing field that is changing rapidly as novel ways of enhancing implantation and placentation in our patient populations are being explored. We wish to provide a platform for Aspire members to learn new techniques, share ideas, present their work and form collaborative networks that can advance the world’s knowledge in this field.

    We also intend to showcase the good work that is already being performed in the Asia-Pacific region by proposing speakers for national and international conferences and increasingly teleconferences and webinars. We plan to share the new technological advances that are improving our understanding of receptivity and placentation to make a difference for the many couples that struggle with recurrent implantation failure and miscarriage after ART.

    EI-SIG will be participating in the planning of the annual ASPIRE congresses and so interested members can share ideas about how to develop and grow this society. We would love to hear your thoughts on ways of advancing this field and how ASPIRE can support EI-SIG members in doing this.

    This EI-SIG forum thread welcomes all of its members to create and participate in discussions, be it about ideas for future EI-SIG events or the latest issues in endometrium & implantation. Join Prof Sukcharoen, Dr Rong Li, and I to make a difference for couples that struggle with endometrial disorders and implantation problems!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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