Here is an invitation to join us at the 4th ASPIRE Masterclass on Implantation to be held in The Sukosol Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand on the 25 – 26 January 2018.

Implantation remains the biggest hurdle to pregnancy in ART cycles and is the most difficult aspect of pregnancy to assess and treat.  Furthermore, miscarriage after fertility treatment is devastating for couples who require additional support and care.  Clinicians have to navigate the myriad of novel and uncertain diagnostic tests and therapies requested by patients who are desperately struggling to achieve an ongoing pregnancy.

New molecular techniques and biosensing methods and the development of models of implantation have improved our understanding of implantation.  Clinical translation of these techniques have resulted in the development of new diagnostics such as the Endometrial Receptivity Array Test and Natural Killer cell tests.  Treatments such as stem cell therapy for Asherman’s Syndrome, vascular modulators, immunotherapy, endometrial biopsy, intrauterine infusions and the use of continuous progesterone are increasingly being explored in an attempt to improve outcomes for couples with implantation disorders.

We have invited an outstanding faculty of international experts from the USA, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region to share their expertise on implantation and give practical advice regarding the role of novel diagnostics and therapeutics in current practice today.  The restricted numbers of attendees will ensure there is ample opportunity to meet the speakers and there will be a lot of opportunity to discuss difficult cases and share new ideas about implantation.  The goal of the program is to provide the most up to date evidence to help doctors improve clinical outcomes for couples with implantation disorders. Our world experts will provide a future orientated view on how to do this.

January is a wonderful month to visit Bangkok, boasting balmy, sunny days, wonderful temples and a busy nightlife. This bustling city is also a gateway to beautiful beach resorts and Thailand’s cultural heritage. We welcome you to Bangkok and invite you to take this opportunity to develop new skills in treating couples with implantation problems.

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Dr Louise Hull
Chairperson, 4th Aspire Masterclass