We are pleased to report the recent ASPIRE 2022 Congress concurrent session on a new paradigm in endometriosis management was well received by registrants.

We heard excellent presentations from:
• Professor Neil Johnson from New Zealand on addressing the delay in diagnosis;
• Professor Charles Chapron from France on the shifting paradigm in management of endometriosis; and
• Professor Sun Wei Guo from China on how a better understanding of the pathophysiology can help us avoid traps and blind alleys in drug research and development for endometriosis.

A lively debate followed with excellent questions from many delegates.

Our SIG wants to draw attention to the next World Congress of Endometriosis to be hosted by the World Endometriosis Society in Edinburgh in early May 2023.

There will be an exciting mix of clinical and scientific topics along with several pre-congress workshops.

Late last year, the ASPIRE SIG for Endometriosis organised a successful webinar entitled New Trends in Endometriosis. It attracted 114 registrants from 22 countries.

The webinar was chaired by Professor Tzeng Chii-Ruey from Taiwan with presentations by Professor Tetsuya Hirata (Tokyo), Professor Jung Ryeol Lee (Seoul) and Professor Angela Aguilar (Manila).

The post-webinar survey revealed very high levels satisfaction from all registrants

“Endometriosis SIG” on ASPIRE newsletter Volume 7, Issue 3 (August 2022). Read more here .
Written by Professors Tzeng Chii-Ruey, Luk Rombauts, Tasuku Harada and Yutaka Osuga