Last year China consolidated COVID-19 control outcomes through effective response measures.

By the end of 2021, more than five billion doses of COVID- 19 vaccines had been produced, and the domestic immunization campaign had progressed smoothly to cover 1.2 billion people.

Updated COVID-19 prevention and control guidelines were implemented on June 28, 2022 taking into account new characteristics of dominant strains.

On the professional front, a number of conferences have been held in recent times to address hot topics in reproductive medicine.

The 14th National Reproductive Medicine Academic Conference of Chinese Medical Association addressed topics issues including:

  • new technologies in reproductive medicine;
  • quality management of ART institutions;
  • safety of ART and offspring; and
  • long-term development of ART.

No less than 1,790 papers were submitted for the conference and more than 70,000 people participated online.

The academic conference of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association’s Reproductive Medicine Committee was held in July 2022.

The conference featured 358 submissions from all over the country, and it was broadcast simultaneously on four on-line platforms to nearly 160,000 people.

“China report” on ASPIRE newsletter Volume 7, Issue 3 (August 2022). Read more here.

Written by Professor Junhao Yan Country Representatives