Through the SIG we aim to bridge the knowledge gaps that exist within the region, provide access to high quality education through focused webinars and masterclasses, engage with the fraternity and bring forth position statements in our field. Our aim would also be to focus on publications to highlight practices in our region through which we hope to play an influential role in the region in collaboration with Key opinion leaders, industry partners and regional society representatives. The areas of interest of the SIG include Embryology, In Vitro Maturation, Fertility preservation and Reproductive Genomics. We extend our support to young researchers, embryologists, practitioners and all those with an interest in Clinical Embryology in their development and career path and look forward to interacting with them.


Dr. Keshav Malhotra
Email: dr.keshavmalhotra@gmail.com


Dr. Sweelian Liow
Email: sl.liow@virtusfertilitycentre.com.sg

Professor David Gardner
Email: david.gardner@unimelb.edu.au

Working Committee Members

Dr. Krishna Chaitanya

Professor Arthur Chang

Professor Richard Choy
(Hong Kong)

Professor Ling Chi
(Hong Kong)

Dr. Kenji Ezoe

Dr. Ryan Rose

Mi Kyung Chung