Endometrium and Implantation

In human, embryos and fetuses with chromosomal abnormalities are naturally excluded during pregnancy process; therefore, implantation failure and pregnancy loss are mainly caused by embryonic chromosomal abnormalities. However, not only embryonic factors also variety of factors including immune, endocrine, microbial, anatomic, hematologic, genetic, and lifestyle factors can intricately interfere the processes of embryo implantation and maintenance of pregnancy, leading to multiple reproductive failures. Therefore, a combination treatment based on diagnostic results from selected examinations is required for RIF and RPL as multifactorial diseases. In recent years, the evidences for each examination and treatment had been reviewed, yet there is still a lack of consensus on which tests to choose and how to treat them.

The aim of the SIG, endometrium and implantation is to share evidence-based knowledge of implantation failure and pregnancy loss to improve pregnancy outcomes for couples suffering from multiple reproductive failures in various regions.


Dr. Keiji Kuroda
Email: arthur@juntendo.ac.jp


Dr. Hong Yuan Huang
Email: hongyuan@cgmh.org.tw

Working Committee Members

Dr. Chen Xiao Yan

Professor Kyung Wook Yi

Dr. Mila Maidarti

Dr. Somjate Manipalviratn

Dr. Koji Nakagawa