The IVF Experts Meeting is the biggest annual conference in Vietnam with representatives from all over the country gathering to share information. This year’s meeting was held in Ho Chi Minh City in July.

Two outstanding topics of this conference were the new individualised protocols in IVF (Random Start, PPOS, DuoStim) and the role of hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of repeated implantation failure.

The other hot subjects included:

  • health of babies born from IVF in Vietnam over the past 25 years;
  • the effectiveness of natural cycle in endometrium preparation in comparison with artificial hormonal therapy for frozen embryo transfer; and
  • genetic testing in male infertility.

Random Start protocol, previously used only for cancer patients who did not have enough time to wait for menses to start ovarian stimulation, is applied more commonly nowadays in all patients with different types of ovarian reserve.

DuoStim is recommended in low prognosis patients of POSEIDON group 2 and 4 to accumulate oocytes or embryos, to increase the chance of having a euploid blastocyst, and shorten the time to pregnancy.

PPOS protocol especially gained interest due to several advantages for patients, including fewer injections and lower cost. Potentially it is more effective in inhibiting LH surge and premature ovulation.

Over a four-year period, no cases of premature ovulation occurred in hundreds of patients undergoing IVF with this protocol. It will be studied more in Vietnamese IVF centres and may be combined with Random Start protocol – called Random PPOS protocol – to bring the best experiences to infertile patients undergoing IVF.


“Vietnam report” on ASPIRE newsletter Volume 7, Issue 3 (August 2022). Read more here.
Written by Dr Khanh Linh Nguyen Country Representatives