Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction (ASPIRE)
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Bridging The Gap of Assisted Reproductive Technology in Asia Pacific

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Now it’s the time for us in Asia Pacific to lead assisted reproductive technology in the world, since we have the highest number of population, number of countries, number of scientists, which is also enriched with valuable culture and tradition in our region. Within 12 years of development, ASPIRE has been growing so fast and very promising, presented many distinctive and excellent activities to increase the quality of ART services in Asia Pacific. Several outstanding achievements of ASPIRE including performing annual ASPIRE scientific meeting, ASPIRE master class and participating actively in many ASPIRE member country national fertility meetings.

Having realized the many challenges and opportunities, ASPIRE will be empowering our organization body through assignment of the new two vice presidents and will be establishing special interest group committees to accommodate every development and advancement in reproductive endocrinology and infertility areas. We also proposed “ASPIRE”, as our new core value: Aiming the goals, Strategic thinking, Powerful program, Inspiring, Recognizable, Empowering.

Thank you very much to The Immediate Past President Chii Ruey Tzeng and all former Presidents, PC Wong, SY Moon, Yoshiharu Morimoto, Robert Norman and Jaideep Malhotra and the founder of ASPIRE, Bruno Lunenfeld, who have worked very hard and successfully put the basic fundamental of ASPIRE as a young organization in the world of assisted reproductive technology.

In the next 2 years our main goal is to bridge the gap of ART in Asia Pacific by empowering our region. Three main and important aspects are competencies, access to and quality of ART services. ASPIRE master class will improve the level of competencies of clinician, embryologist, nurse or IVF counselor. ASPIRE Campus / Chapter will leverage engagement of ASPIRE with every member among the countries in Asia Pacific. To increase the number of publication, our own ASPIRE official journal is currently under establishment. On the other hand, ASPIRE effort to build public awareness in ART is a must.

We are also really keen to establish standard minimum of practice guidelines in ART and reproductive endocrinology and have intention to participate actively in ART registry for Asia Pacific region under coordination of ICMART therefore ASPIRE registry system must be well developed.

Last but not least, as our bench marking organization, I’d like to thank ASRM and ESHRE who have already become our good friends and partners in developing ASPIRE as a professional organization.

Let us empowering our region to bridge the gap of ART in Asia Pacific.

Professor Budi Wiweko
President of ASPIRE