Psychology and Counselling

In the ever-advancing world of Assisted Reproductive Technology, much of the focus is on the clinical and scientific realms of fertility treatment.  However, if we are truly to deliver safe, ethical, and rigorous patient centred care we must include a third factor: the psychosocial implications of treatment.  The Psychology and Counselling SIG aims to promote an awareness in the Asia Pacific region about the importance and understanding of these psychosocial issues.  Through the delivery of online webinars, masterclasses, and an expanding psychosocial programme at the ASPIRE annual Congress, the Psychology and Counselling SIG seeks to promote a multidisciplinary approach, recognising that the whole team is responsible for delivering compassionate care.  An additional goal for this SIG is the desire to conduct psychosocial research specific to the Asia Pacific region.  In this way, we hope to raise awareness and formulate educational initiatives to improve patient care.   We look forward to engaging with all professionals with a psychology and counselling background; we also extend a warm welcome to all ART professionals who recognise the importance of integrating psychosocial expertise for best practice outcomes.


Ms. Rebecca Kerner


A/Prof Sonja Goedeke

Working Committee Members

Professor Celia Chan
(Hong Kong)

Dr. Cosy Cheung
(Hong Kong)

Ms. Tanja Faessler-Moro

Dr. Tomoe Koizumi

Ms. Sharon Lim

Dr. Iolanda Rodino

Associate Professor Systla Rukmini