Reproductive Endocrinology (includes PCOS)

Welcome to the Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology including PCOS.

The mission of SIG Reproductive Endocrinology is focused on female reproductive endocrinology, ovarian physiology  and pathology including PCOS, and ovarian stimulation including the use of adjuvants and luteal phase. It also deals with endocrine causes of altered endometrial receptivity,  implantation failures and fertility preservation.

The aim of SIG Reproductive Endocrinology is to develop educational activities, and booklets, organise regional meetings, masterclasses, webinars and ASPIRE pre-congress courses with internationally renowned experts in the field. This will help in providing education and thus bridging the knowledge gaps. It will promote dispersion of scientific and clinical advancements in the field. The SIG will also provide a platform for networking and collaborative research. The SIG RE will also be involved in the dissemination of  PCOS international Guidelines 2023.

Looking forward to your active involvement in all activities of the SIG by participating in all scientific endeavours to exchange ideas. We also would like to promote research in the countries that make up the ASPIRE region.


Dr. Madhuri Patil


Dr. Robert Lahoud

Working Committee Members

Associate Professor Maria Jesusa Banal-Silao

Professor Mei-Jou Chen

Professor Ji-Hyang Kim

Dr. Nalini Kaul Mahajan

Dr. Navdeep Pannu

Professor Wang Qiong

Professor Budi Wiweko