Reproductive Nurses

The Nursing Special Interest Group aims to raise awareness and promote the role of nurses and midwives working in the area of Assisted Reproductive Treatment in the Asia Pacific Region.  Our primary goal is to provide a forum to share experiences and knowledge to improve patient outcomes through the provision of affordable quality nursing education.  This is achieved through the development of specialist webinars, certification courses and face to face nursing sessions during and prior to Aspire Congress Meetings. The Nursing SIG aims to support and inspire nursing research in the Asia Pacific Region promoting evidence-based practice with an aim to improve safety and the health and wellbeing of patients and families accessing ART.

The Nursing SIG welcomes all nurses and midwives and is committed to providing education, guidance, and support to enable our members in the Asia Pacific Region to thrive and succeed at all stages of their careers from novice through to expert.


Ms. Carmel Carrigan


Ms. Astor Tse

Working Committee Members

Ms. Muhsinah Aleem

Ms. Megan Black
(New Zealand)

Ms. Kelly Chang

Ms. Sookyoung Hann

Ms. Riza Lim

Ms. Adeline Ma
(Hong Kong)

Ms. Rebecca Moore

Ms. Nordianna Seman

Ms. Fatimah Sham

Ms. Annisah