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    Welcome to the Embryology SIG thread!

    The ASPIRE SIG Embryology is a much-needed platform for the professionals working in clinical embryology across the Asia Pacific. I am honored to be its first Chairperson, with Dr. Haroon Latif, Dr. Ho Manh Tuong, and Prof Arthur Chang as Co-Chairpersons. I believe this platform will assist clinical embryologists and scientists from various geographic region to connect. I hope this platform, at a time of rapid advances in science and technology, will be a great place to learn, to discuss, to share. It will not only help us in our everyday work, but will also help us see more clearly where we are going tomorrow.

    This forum thread have been created to facilitate discussion among the Embryology SIG members, so feel free to share any interesting findings or even your background to help us get to know one another better!

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